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Fabrication – Repairs – Sieves – Laser Welding


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We repair, fix, design, customise, build and much more.  If its broken we can usually fix it.  So if you need to know more, please go to the following pages to view our range of products, services and specialties.

Magnesium alloy welding AZ-23

Aluminium TIG welding in Essex

TIG welding in Basildon and Essex

Engine/Gearbox casings

Stainless steel welding

Archaeology sieves

University archaeology department sieves

Aircraft parts


Culinary and catering

Metal art



Laser Welding

Sheet metal

Injection mould tool repairs

TA2 titanium weld repairs

Trains, boats, cars, planes, motorcycles

Theatrical and stage

Mould tools P20, H13, 2767

Welding Fillers

4043, 4047, 5356, AZ23, 316, 347-596, M7,

Monel-60, A32, Hasteloy-W, Inconel-625, A15,

TA-2, P20, H13, 2767.  


Welcome to Fine Limit Welding


We are a welding firm with a difference and if we have one speciality its that we don’t have one speciality, we have many.  Our T.I.G & laser welding is to a standard rarely seen outside larger establishments, which not only ensures a cost-effective service but also that our work is small and neat requiring no costly post weld dressing.  While for those jobs which require pre and post-cleaning our glass bead blasting is done on-site.


Fine Limit Welding has a long history, as our name suggests, of working to close tolerances.  Our expertise with T.I.G welding ensures that a wider range of metals can be worked, including Aluminium and Titanium, brass, P20 alloy for injection mould tools and stainless steel.